About us

Helping auto repair shops streamline their workflows

 to garner healthier profitability


Who we are

MechMonkey develops auto repair software, creating smart technological solutions for the auto repair business. We are motivated and enthusiastic to cater to the demands of an auto repair shop. In 2020, our Founder had difficulty getting in touch with the auto repair shops because all were busy attending phone calls and doing all administrative work with pen and paper. He decided to develop a web platform to automate most of the manual work and make their life easy. MechMonkey was formed to help auto repair shops struggling with the same problem. Today, many auto repair shops across Canada trust MechMonkey.

Our Mission

We started developing MechMonkey Auto repair shop software after conducting thorough research and with the mission to make the only auto repair software tool you will ever need. We focused on building specialized software that covered every aspect of this business creating a complete all-in-one solution that benefits repair shop owners with an absolute peace of mind.